Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Share List Death can occur accidentally for all manner of reason, but almost always someone will be liable. Car accident? The at-fault driver is liable for fatalities that occur. Medical malpractice? The doctors and organization responsible for a patient are usually responsible. Workplace accident? Numerous parties could eventually be held accountable.  Wrongful death falls under […]

What Is Product Liability Insurance?

Share List Product liability is all about ensuring quality goods that consumers can buy. Without product liability laws, a developer could simply pretend to research a product that could never work. Subsequently, a manufacturer could pretend to make a product that doesn’t work. Product liability also protects the consumer against product defection or dangers from […]

When Can I Use Workers Compensation After A Workplace Accident?

Share List Workplace accidents happen more often than employers like. Even with perfect safety training procedures locked in place, accidents are inevitable. But that’s why there are programs designed to help both employee and employer navigate these difficult situations. Workers compensation is a fund set up both to cover an employee’s medical costs after an […]

What Is Pain & Suffering?

Share List Personal injury law works on several premises, but first and foremost among them is this: if someone causes you pain and suffering, you deserve just compensation. That’s what it’s all about! Usually, this comes down to a literal injury. For example, you were hurt in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, […]