A Rose By Any Other Name…

We know our past mistakes. Our friends know, our family, even most of our neighbors.

Don’t’ we just wish that we could change our name and wipe our slate clean and start over? Just a simple name change can make all our regrettable actions disappear, and we are suddenly a new person with no past by which to be judged?

As we all know, it doesn’t just a name change to make the past disappear – we all will have to get new friends, move away from our friends and family and move to a place with a whole e new job, new identity and new address where no one familiar could find us.

So if that makes sense, then do some businesses not heed that advice?

A rose by any other name is still a rose … but can a business with a different name actually be a different business, especially if the old name was synonymous with bad business?

Someone may need to pass on a memo to a treatment center now known as Alsana, which was former Candlewood Treatment Center. You see, while the new name may show great in marketing and on the radio, those who know the business is at the same address and has the same business model will likely avoid it.

Candlewood has been under fire lately with several malpractice lawsuits being filed, claiming controversial treatment methods and a business model that was not friendly to patients. The new CEO came on board less than a year ago, and the name change is claimed to signify a change in how the business delivers the care its patients need, though lawsuits have continued to be filed even since the change.

Several lawsuits claimed that staff members and/or therapists brainwashed patients or created false memories in the patients’ past, which caused emotional and mental distress on their patients later.  Several other lawsuits were settled out of court. The original owners sold the business several years ago, and that company sold to an investment firm a couple of years ago. Most of the lawsuits were handled between 2011 and 2014 when the original owners were in charge, and the husband of the husband-and-wife team was censured by the state psychology board and let his license expire earlier this year. While the clinic has gone through a lot of change, even a location has a reputation – and in this case, Alsana has quite the reputation to counter as long as it is on the same property as Candlewood.

You can change a zebra’s stripes, but it can still be called a zebra.